The X-Pain Method Review – How To Use Household Items To Stop Back Pain

X Pain Method and Bonuses

The X Pain Method shows you how to use household items to get back pain relief.

While researching on the internet for ways to treat my back pain, I came across the X-Pain Method by Dr. Graeme Teague.

I had heard about these types of products before so I was interested to find out what made this one different from the others.

When I read that it showed how to use tennis balls for treatment, I wanted to know more. Like most people probably have, I’ve got a heap of them laying around the house, how on Earth could they help?

So I did some further research online to see if I could find out more about Dr. Teague and his interesting method. I must say, I am quite impressed and I am sure you will be too.

As a result, I’ve come up with 17 reasons why I like it.

17 Reasons Why I Like The X-Pain Method

  • It’s created by a qualified chiropractor.
  • He has had formal training, so he knows what he’s doing.
  • He has years of experience treating back pain sufferers.
  • He’s a back pain sufferer himself (so he knows what it’s like and what works and what doesn’t).
  • He knows what we, as back pain sufferers, want.
  • The method uses quick, easy and convenient techniques.
  • They can be done at home or work  or pretty much anywhere.
  • Shows how tennis balls, towels and socks can be used for treatment.
  • Don’t need to set aside  specific time to do it.
  • Don’t need to make appointments.
  • You can do it after you put the kids to bed, while on a break at work or anytime you have a few minutes free.
  • It’s easy to learn.
  • There’s lots of material to follow along with.
  • Instant Download – start using it straight away.
  • 1 year Money Back Guarantee.
  • Support is available if you are confused and need help.
  • It has heaps of satisfied customers – so it must work.


 If you think The X Pain Method will help you fix your back pain,

you can get it here, securely from the official website.

Download The X-Pain Method

Now if you want more in depth information, I have written a full X-Pain Method review below.  I wanted to do my bit and share it with other back pain sufferers to help as many of them decide if this product will help them find relief.

Feel free to use the links in the contents section below to skip to each section to save you scrolling the page.


X-Pain Method Review


About The Creator | Pros & Cons | What’s Included | How It Works | Testimonials | Summary


When I am learning about a new product, I think it’s helpful to know a bit about it’s creator.

  • What is their background?
  • What experience do they have?
  • What qualifications have they earned?

I want to know if they are suitably qualified and experienced to teach their techniques. Thankfully, Dr. Graeme Teague is the one who is responsible for The X-Pain Method.

About The CreatorGraeme Teague, creator of the X-Pain Method

He is a qualified Chiropractor from Christchurch New Zealand. He has also suffered from back pain himself, so he knows what it’s like for you and I. In fact, it was his own back pain that lead him to develop the X Pain Method.

He has been in practice since 1991 and during that time has worked with many thousands of back pain sufferers. So there’s another of my questions answered, he has experience.

Because of this experience, he has become very familiar with the different types and causes of this condition.

He noticed that some patients kept returning to him, time after time, with recurring back pain. The traditional techniques he was using, were only providing temporary relief.

He began to think that that these treatments were not effective for long term relief and began to research why. To quote Dr. Teague, “chiropractors focus on joints, physical therapy focuses on muscles, and medicine on symptom relief.”

So he examined many different types of treatment methods for back pain. Knowing that most acute back pain is usually caused by muscle and joint imbalances, his research allowed him to realize they were a result of our habitual behavior.

This lead him to determine that we need to re-train our selves to break out of the bad habits we’ve adopted if we want to remove the underlying cause of our back pain.

Introducing The X-Pain Method

Knowing this, he was able to devise a treatment that addressed the cause of back pain, not just treat the symptoms. I guess from his years of experience, he realized that people don’t want to be intimidated or unsure about the treatment, so he made sure that his method was quick and simple to follow. And it is.

He gives you sixteen techniques in 3 simple steps to relieve back pain. How easy is that? It takes no time at all to become familiar with this method. I think it’s probably even easier than trying to program a DVD player!

You can download the system from the internet whenever you want and then use it in the comfort of your home. You get a user manual and videos so if you don’t like reading or are a visual learner, you’re all set.

This system is for everyone, people of all ages have gotten results using its methods. It treats lower, middle and upper back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, disc problems and other conditions too. It helps you to determine the cause of your specific pain and then presents you with techniques to treat it.

Pros and Cons

I’ve put together a short summary of the good points and the only, not so good points, that I can see. I’ve also found a video which shows you a quick test you can do to determine if you need The X-Pain Method. Hopefully these will help you decide if The X-Pain Method is for you:



  • Easy to use – you can use it at home at your own leisure, using household items.
  • Created by a qualified Chiropractor = training and experience.
  • Years of research and refinement.
  • Lots of content included.
  • Instant download. Great to view on your iPad or Laptop.
  • 12-month money back guarantee.
  • Heaps of satisfied customers.


  • Need to print manual yourself.
  • Videos available online only. (They are not on DVD so you will have to create your own).

 Download The X-Pain Method.

Sample Video

Here’s a quick video from Graeme Teague which gives you a sample of The X Pain Method. It shows you a few quick tests to help you analyze your back pain.

Download The X Pain Method and Take the Self Test Here…

Download The X-Pain Method.


What’s Included

When you order the X-Pain Method, you get a lot for your money. Dr. Teague says he likes to over-deliver, so here is what you get:

The X Pain Method and Bonuses

The X Pain Method shows you how to use household items to get back pain relief.

  • X-Pain Method Manual (114 pages)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 10 Videos
  • Lifetime Support
  • Weekly Plan
  • Self-Assessment Review
  • Heaps of Bonus Guides: Trigger Point Release, Back Pain Prevention, The Quick Start method, Emotional Back Pain, Demystifying Back Pain, Mudra & Reflexology, The Practitioner Guide, The Sugar Test and the Headache Guide.

So How Does It Work?

Well, first, we need to look at a bit of theory…

The X-Pain Method focuses on the fact that back pain is caused by spinal imbalances. This means the spine becomes distorted as a result of micro injuries from day to day activity.

According to Dr Teague, micro injuries “are small, almost unnoticeable traumas that occur from all the bending, lifting, and other daily tasks, like poor posture at work.” This affects your muscles which tense up as a result and help to pull the spine out of alignment (or distort it) creating distortion patterns.

Over time these micro injuries build up and place more distortion on the spine until your back can’t take any more and…well you know the rest. Micro injuries are caused by our habitual behavior, or in some cases, bad habitual behavior.

The X-Pain Method’s goal is to teach us how to retrain our bodies or behavior to break these (bad) habits. It uses 3 steps to achieve this.

Step 1:
“Detect The Cause”

This step shows you how to Use 3 simple tests that take only minutes to identify your distortion patterns and identify exactly how you are affected.


“Knowing which distortion pattern you have gives you the
first step in long lasting back pain relief”

Dr. Graeme Teague.


Step 2: “Symptom Relief”

Shows you how to spend just a few minutes a day to ease your pain so that you can work on correcting your imbalances in the next step. You get 16 techniques to try.

Step 3:
“Remove The Underlying Cause”

In this step, you are Shown how to correct the imbalances that have formed in your spine and how to ensure it remains this way.


“Making sure you stay in balance is essential if
you wish to remain pain free.”

 Dr. Graeme Teague.


The process seems pretty straight forward and logical. It’s not a quick fix that will happen overnight. It does require some effort to get results, but the beauty of it is that not a huge amount of effort is needed.

X Pain Method Uses Tennis Balls

It shows how to use tennis balls to reduce your pain.

For people worried about it being complex and time consuming, Dr. Teague says “Don’t worry if it sounds technical or complicated, it’s easy as reading a newspaper.” He says all you need is 5 – 10 minutes a day and you’ll learn how to understand what’s causing your pain.

He’ll show you how to get relief and even how to use household items like tennis balls to reduce your pain. In fact all you really need are the balls, towels, a sock and your hands. No exercise machines. No gym memberships and no other expensive apparatus.

You can read through the manual at your own pace and then refer to the videos if you need a demonstration to clarify what you have just read. And if you are still stuck, you can email Dr. Teague for support.

As I said, it wont work overnight. Some people may see this as a negative because you will need to keep at it each day for a few weeks or so to get maximum benefit. But when you think about it, this is no different to repeated appointments with a chiropractor etc. Well there is one difference, you only pay for the X-Pain once, not each time like when you visit a chiropractor!

With the X-Pain Method, some people may actually feel some form of instant relief while for others it may take only a few days once they start following its techniques. Everyone is different and will get different results.

What you learn with the X-Pain Method, arms you for the future. You will be able to monitor your condition and detect if any imbalances return before they become too serious.


“Being able to detect … early is the best way to
safeguard against future problems.”

 Dr. Graeme Teague.


And if you ever do need to seek professional help, you will have a better understanding of what they are telling you instead of just hearing a lot of medical gibberish!

There’s no need to worry about making a purchase online. Your payment details are processed by Clickbank, a secure company that has been trading online since 1988. I have made many purchases online using Clickbank and I have never had any problems, even when I requested a refund. It was quick easy and hassle free.

Here’s a little info about Clickbank in case you were wondering, it offers over 50,000 digital products and actually sells a product every three seconds. Your personal details are completely secure, but if you want more information, you can read Clickbank’s Security Policy. If you’d rather not use your credit card, you can pay using Paypal instead.

If you want more info about The X-Pain Method then click here.


In the 20 or so years it has taken Dr Teague to develop the system, thousands of people have used it and gotten results. For me, the best sign of a successful product is the number of happy customers it has, as well as lots of positive testimonials.

The X-Pain Method’s website is littered with testimonials praising it and Dr. Teague, so I thought I would share some of those with you.

  • First up, 50 year old Dan Spychalski, from the USA was very impressed with the hard work that went into the system and thought it was a comprehensive program. He had been suffering from sciatica and had turned to the internet for help. Having used the X-Pain system for two weeks, he says he is “for the most part, totally pain free”. He is now able to continue with his regular activities which includes working out!


“…like that I can do it anywhere, any time.”

Myrna, Canada.


  • Brent Walker a builder from New Zealand turned to the system to treat his lower back pain which he had been suffering for several years. He was so impressed by the system that he shared it with his work colleagues. They were just as impressed when they tried a few of the techniques and their backs felt looser. He says that as a result, they all feel fitter and younger and are now able to work faster.
  • Another happy customer is Jan from the USA, who is a massage therapist in her 60s. Her workload was beginning to get on top of her and she found that she was experiencing back pain after just a few clients. Jan was impressed with how much information is in The X-Pain Method, as well as using everyday items like tennis balls to get relief.


“WOW, so much info, I love it!!!”

Jan, USA.


She is also happy that she found a solution for her headaches in the morning. Actually, Jan is that impressed, that she plans to use the techniques not just for herself, but to also help some of her clients too.


“Wow! Customer service and someone
that actually cares enough to reply.”

Bruce Duncan Vancouver, Canada.


  • Finally, Chris Sowerby from Oman injured his back over 20 years ago and has had back pain ever since. He has found that chiropractors give him the best relief, but they are inconvenient. As he is an active person, he likes to travel a lot. But because of his back pain, has had to shorten some of his trips. Now that he has used the X-Pain Method, he does not need to rely on chiropractors as much anymore. No more cutting trips short and only then in severe cases, which occur much less now. He particularly likes how Dr. Teague reveals the tricks of chiropractic treatment and he now feels confident enough to manage his back pain.

“I realised that my bicycle and sitting down in my job
brought on the muscle imbalance.”

Chuol Nyak Tongyik, Ethiopia.


So as you can see, people of all ages from all over the world and all walks of life are able to use and follow the X-Pain Method to find relief for their pain.

It is allowing them to get their old lives back, as well as giving them a new lease on life. They now have the freedom to continue doing the things they enjoy, and not be held back by back pain. Sounds like a pretty convincing argument to me do you agree?


I hope you have enjoyed reading my X-Pain Method review. I’m guessing if you’ve read this far, then you were as impressed with the X-Pain Method as I was. It is a comprehensive, yet simple to use system that, judging by the testimonials, works. For me, based on past experience, if that many people say something is good, then it must be. You can get your copy of The X-Pain Method here.

If you have had any success with the X-Pain Method, please feel free to share your experiences with us in the comments below…


You can get more info about The X-Pain Method here. 



Download The X-Pain Method.



All information on this web site is provided in good faith and has been researched using many sources. It is not the advice of a professional and it is strongly suggested that you consult a doctor or health care professional before undertaking any of the treatments mentioned within this web site. This web site operates under an affiliate agreement with the treatment providers and as such, some external links are affiliate links. All this means is that if you decide to purchase these products, a commission is paid to the author of this web site. You are not obliged to purchase anything recommended on this web site, nor is it a condition of your accessing this information.
Finally, if you liked my X-Pain Method review or found it helpful, then could you please share it with others for me. Please feel free to leave a comment as well  (spam will be deleted).



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